CSR & Sustainable Practices

Climate change is a hot cake, everyone is talking about climate change and its impact on all the creatures and the eco-diversity. Climate change is inevitable however the impact can be controlled with the environmental protections action, People need to know about climate change and its impacts on their daily lives. In the present scenario of climate change and increasing deforestation, the environmental issue is becoming severe day by day.

It is high time for us all to act upon it and do our part in saving the environment before it’s too late. Today’s contribution to the protection of the environment will be beneficial in the coming days. Being a responsible corporate institution it is the utmost requirement of all the stakeholder to contribute from their side to make the planet a safer place to live in. So, therefore, with the aim to give back to the environment from which we take so much, with the joint effort of Yeti Airlines and equal endeavour of local people, we the Raaika Tours and Treks Pvt. Ltd. introduced Green Far-West Campaign with an important slogan “Green Far-West People’s Participation in Environment Conservation and Tourism”. The campaign aims to:

  • Create awareness among the locals about environment conservation
  • Active participation of the locals and tourists in the environment conservation
  • Introducing itself as an effective mechanism for the reduction of Global Warming
  • Providing sound and natural environment for the wildlife
  • Developing sustainable environment-friendly tourism
  • Conservation of water resources
  • Generating direct profit to the local people.
  • Promote tourism in Wild West Nepal.

The campaign started in the year 2010. The first year was of great success wherein plantations were carried out in major districts in Doti, Kailali and Kanchanpur in the foremost lands of government offices like army camps in Doti, Rajpur, community forest- Pritana Community Forest at Rajpur of Doti district, Baskota Community Forest at Malakheti of Kailali district, Hariyali Community Forest at Krishnapur of Kanchanpur district, Dhura Salleri Community Forest at Godawari of Kailali District.

The campaign has been gaining ground in the entire Far-Western Region. Hundreds of locals, members of the community forest user’s groups, journalists, employees of the public officers including security agencies and others have taken part in the tree plantation programme. Since the locals have owned up the campaign, they have dedicated themselves to protecting the saplings as well.

Since 2015 Raaika Tours & Treks has been solely working for the campaign with the active participation of the local community. The company aims to promote conservation of the environment and identify number ways wherein the community can benefit from it. Fruit seedling and medicinal seedling have been planted enabling the locals to derive a long-term benefit. With this campaign, we also hope to promote tourism in the Wild West. This project is a lifetime project and it is an example of how a small contribution can make a big difference.

Generally, trees are planted in the area during the summer season (from June to August). The program is not only beneficial for the locals but also has conveyed a positive message for conservation of wildlife and ecology. To date, more than 100,000 saplings have been planted and the remarkable achievement is observed.

We strongly believe that this campaign has and will be effective in conserving the environment- a growing need in today’s world and also will help in generating a source of income for local people which in turn helps in promoting tourism. The greenery campaign is also expected to support the livelihood of the locals as they make money by selling fruits and herbs.

This campaign is being actively carried out to date and will continue to do so. Every year the company aims to plant saplings in the Far- Western Region of Nepal. The region is rich for its breathtaking beauty and we hope to promote the tourism sector in this area which is of vital importance for the overall balanced development of the country. The mission of the campaign is to generate awareness among the local people about the importance of conservation of environment and wildlife and the economic value it provides. We encourage our valued guests to participate in this campaign for contributing to the Green World.

We have succeeded in planting saplings even in the premises of the various government offices, army and police camps, schools and colleges and temples, and community forests.

We strongly believe that this project will help in conserving the environment as well as generating sources of income for the local people.