Wild West Nepal offers the most exciting and full of adventurous activities. One of the outstanding river sports is fishing which is becoming very popular among the people who have greater patience. This is the most rewarding sport in Nepal which has not yet drawn enough attention of many people. Nepal has an immense opportunity to organize fishing events to promote the region and create an employment opportunity as well.

Wild West Nepal has big rivers that flows all the way form the higher glaciers and it is the best suitable place for fishing activities in the peaceful environment and due to its unspoiled nature, it adds to the experience the extreme wilderness.

Mahseer is the most common sought sport fish in the River Karnali, Seti River, Babai and Bheri river of Wild West Nepal. In this region, many communities are depended upon fishing. They spent most of their time in the river, ponds and lakes. They use varieties of techniques to capture fish and fishing culture has become part of their lifestyle.

The best season for fishing in the white water is throughout the year except in monsoon (Jun-September & Dec – Jan)

Raaika has planned to introduce the fishing sports activities in Wild West Nepal. The idea of this activity is to enhance the tourism sector of the region and awareness for the importance of the water ecosystem to protect the life of aquatic lives. Mahseer species have suffered severe population declined in much of its distribution range, and are now considered threatened due to pollution, habitat loss and over-fishing. So the idea is to spread awareness among the local people to save the life of Mahseer breed.

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