Everything you need to know about Dhampus Trek

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Everything you need to know about Dhampus Trek

The best and shortest, more of a hike than the trek is in Dhampus. This is the ideal trek for a solo traveller, family with kids. Generally, this is appropriate for everybody. Dhampus lies on the border of Annapurna Conservation Area so therefore you don’t need a permit to reach there. 

Journey to Dhampus village begins from Phedi village which can be reached via Pokhara on 30 minutes’ drive.

Sunrise and the sunsets are the major attraction of the region. And the place offers a chance to experience a spectacular view of the northern Himalayas. You can reach there via off roads experiencing the muddy, bumpy roads on the hills or can be reached via stone-paved roads. Not only the beautiful scenic view but also the Dhumpus offers cultural village. 

Few of the list you need to know about Dhampus Trek are:

Best time to Travel

Climbing up to the Dhampus is not hard so you can travel in any season. However, trekking from October to November and March to April is the best time for every traditional peak due to clear weather and modest temperature. 

What Dhampus has to offer?

The shortest trek on the west of Pokhara has an outstanding view to offer, A view of Annapurna region and other peaks. During March and April, the side of the hill is covered with rhododendron which makes the trek interesting. 

Dhampus is also a culturally rich village, which is dominated by the Gurung Community. One can enjoy and meet the family on the way to learn about their culture and history. 

Where can you stay?

Dhampus region has hotel facilities however it is a good idea to stay in Gurung Homestay, staying in homestay also gives you a great opportunity to learn about local life and food. They also provide internet service and facility to charge your mobile phone.

Do not need Permits

As the region is not on the Annapurna Conservation Area, permits are not required. If you want to trek further to the ABC then in this case you need a permit to get in the ABC region. Permits can be obtained at Annapurna Conservation Area or in Nepal Tourism Board Office in Kathamndu.